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A word to describe a person. This person generally exhibits the following personality traits: He/she will cock block their friends and will therefore be named as an "anti-poon". He/she is generally unkempt in appearance. Their will be an unpleasant odour in the vicinity of a Divney which is generally very distinct. Most 'Divney's' will be seen with an alcoholic beverage in their hand; generally a cheap but strong cider. They are also very argumentative; do not label them a chav unless you are feeling confrontational as this will inevitably lead to an argument or fisty cuff's.
"Man!? Did you smell that guy?!"
"Yeah dude! Definite Divney right there!"
"Mate, you're drinking again? It's ten in the morning! You're such a Divney sometimes."
by NevilleLongbottomer March 27, 2012
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