DMT- Possibly the most intense psychedelic drug known to mankind. Sometimes called the "spirit molecule" it is a chemical that occurs naturally in a number of living organisms, as well as in the human brain at birth, while dreaming, and in the minutes leading into death. People have reported seeing alternate universes with alien, or elf-like inhabitants while tripping on Divine Moments of Truth. The trip itself lasts only 15-30 minutes, but due to its intensity, it seems to last a lot longer. It comes in several different formats, sometimes white and crystalline in appearance, other times looking more like red-brow clay. However, in every different format, it is always reputed to glow under a blacklight. It is EXTREMELY rare, so if your lucky enough to come across it, cherish the experience, because it's probably the closest you'll get to nirvana on this physical plane. ;)
I tripped on some Divine Moments of Truth with some friends last night, we traveled to a mystical parallel universe where the Mother-Goddess welcomed us into her temple and revealed to us the meaning of life. We stayed with her in that paradise for what seemed like years, but when we finally returned to our physical plane, it had only been 20 minutes. :/
by Miss Baby Gurl July 16, 2011