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adj: 1. Someone who is more obese than anyone else.

2. Some one who thinks they are good at many things, but then they are not.

3. Someone who, when accessing a website, is so morbidly obese that it causes a power surge and a complete server shut down for a short while.

4. Someone who Epic Fails at almost everything.

5. Someone who could kill your soul by sitting on you.

6. Someone who relies on higher authority to solve their own problems, can't solve them on their own.
The Hambugler: Chris asked me to one on one him in a video game last night, claming he was really good.

Ronald: Did he beat you?

The Hamburgler: No, he couldn't even hit me.

Ronald: What a Divij Vispute.
by The Hamburgler! April 21, 2009
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