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Used to describe a faction of the new generation of young leftist idealogues. Despite the name, disputeniks usually control their anger, even on extreme levels, and avoid self defense at all costs. Generally describes the portion of the movement that believes that the revolution should be disputed with society directly. Not always violent, but will challenge cops, the norms of society and government and the current administration using mental, emotional, artistic and sometimes physical means. Disputeniks write political graffiti, read often and may have some connection to animal and women's rights groups.
"Man those fu*kin hippies!"
"They look more like beatniks to me"
"But they're crazy! One second they're all peaceful, smoking blunts and eating vegetables and the next thing i know they're vandalizing my SUV!"
"shit, here they come now!"
by Helenatio February 28, 2006
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