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- This is not a definition but more along the lines as a game.
- First you walk into a Disney Store near you.
- Second you must touch the back wall then leave.
- While doing this you may not talk to anyone, also no one may talk to you.
- You may walk in with no more than 2 people at a time.
- No cheating! Like pretending to talk on your phone, texting someone, listening to an iPod, etc.
- Some say that they clerks know about this game.
- Once in a attempt to play this game the clerk said hello to me and then raised her hand with a big smile on her face as if she knows what i was doing.
- Try it sometime it seems dumb but its solid.
I tried to play the Disney Store Game, huh-uh, impossible.
by Reese Harter May 09, 2008
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The Disney Store Game is the attempt to walk into any American Disney Store and touch the wall at the back of the store without talking to anyone or having anyone talk to you.

The game is considered difficult, because Disney Stores are renowned for their courtesy. Anyone attempting to walk to the back of the store will most likely be greeted, thus making the game difficult. Also, American Disney Store employees tend to know about the game, making the game even harder.

Note: When playing the Disney Store Game, one must not be talking on the phone or texting and must walk in with no more than one other person.
Dude: "Let's play the Disney Store Game."

Chick: "Ok, but it's near impossible since the employees look like they have nothing better to do than greet us."
by JoeySixPack September 13, 2011
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