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The haircut that young boys all want and many have that reflect the boys on the Disney channel Hannah Montana, The Suite Life of Zack & Cody etc. It's mostly a longer cut with the hair coming down over the child's ears. Many times the child is indistinguishable from being a boy or girl.
Oh wow, I didn't recognize Evan with his Disney Hair ! How long has he been growing it ?

by EJBeezie November 14, 2007
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That horrible haircut that distinguishes Disney's exclusive collection of metrosexuals. The stylists behind it require that you're not female, but intend to look like one. We've all probably seen it; Justin Bieber, Zac Efron, Cole and Dylan sprouse, etcetera etcetera, all sport one. It kind of looks like someone turned on a leaf blower at full power directly behind your head and a hairstylist ran over to save the day by spritzing it in place. May or may not resemble a helmet.

Note: To sport one, you must be a Disney star, a Disney fanatic, effeminate, underdeveloped mentally, underdeveloped in the gonad area, inexperienced sexually...and so the list continues.
"Why does Justin Bieber have the Disney hair?"
"He sings like a girl."

"the Jonas brothers aren't gay are they?!"
"Yeah, watch out -soon, they'll ALL be sporting the Disney hair!"

"That new kid is gonna become disney's next big thing.."
"how dyu know?"
"the Disney Hair man, the Disney Hair."
by Anti-the Hair August 25, 2010
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