Named after the line in the infamous Jake Paul song, "It's Everyday Bro". A song artist taps into this when they produce low quality music and trying too hard to pander to youngers.
That bratty pop singer really has that Disney Channel Flow.
by Alakazoo42 June 22, 2017
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A style or way of rapping where the artist in question (and usually others in the song if it is a cypher/group) refrains from using profanity and uses clever metaphors to substitute any violent or sexual themes.

This term was made famous by Jake Paul and the Team 10 crew who utterly failed at realizing what this phrase really means.
Jake Paul (first verse): It's everyday bro/With the Disney Channel Flow/5 Mil on YouTube in 6 months/Never done before
Jake Paul (in the same verse):

This is Team 10, bitch

Who the hell are flippin' you?

And you know I kick them out

If they ain't with the crew

Yeah, I'm talking about you

You beggin for attention

Talking shit on Twitter too
by DaMusician July 31, 2017
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Some part at the beginning of Jake Paul’s new music video that really doesn’t have a meaning to it, I really just wanted to try and define it.
by Minerbros365 June 11, 2017
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A ''Disney channel flow'' means having zero flow in your rap music.

It got it's meaning from the song ''its everyday bro'' by jake paul (and other rappers that don't even get their name featured in the youtube title, but actually rap better than him)
someone: i love jake paul, he has such a good flow
me, an intellectual: are you deaf? the only flow that kid has is the disney channel flow
by a cranky 17 year old July 9, 2017
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