When a brother says he'll ride through the dark valley of scone with you, but then pulls an emo.
Pulling out of a drinking contest for fear of looking like a prick, see also 'Irony'

Very dishonourable
by Brotherhood of Scone December 14, 2005
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You go to a dude's house thinking you're up for a tour of duty but he drinks too much tequila and you come home with undies that look like you blew your nose in them.
Friend A. "How was your date last night
Friend B. "Dishonourable Discharge."
Friend A. "Whaaaaat?"
Friend B."Went back to his place and we were making out, I went to the bathroom and when I came back he was passed out. I went home with a panty-load of twat snot.
by Clitteratti July 28, 2015
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