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n. The experience of receiving more dishes in the midst of washing the ones already in the sink. Often this takes place when people are slow to eat their food, find random cups from a few weeks ago, or because they found things you overlooked, like pots on the stove.
This event is usually accompanied by anger, grimacing and sighing.
Marlo: Dish duty?
Steven: Yeah, but I'm almost done. Be in the den in 10 minutes.
Marlo: Sure.

20 minutes later

Marlo: What's taking so long?
Steven: I got dish debt. Maria, Justin, and Katie sat around talking and decided to hand their crap in at the last second.
Marlo: That sucks...oh hey man, isn't this the salad bowl we used? It only has a few leaves inside, maybe you should wash that.
Steven: ...
Marlo: What? Just sayin'.
by frotobagger August 21, 2010
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