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An inescapable trap, set by the administration of St. John's University, programmed to mercilessly extract an additional $3000 from vulnerable freshmen. The entire substance of this course is common knowledge to most folk, and the few facts to be otherwise learned can be acquired with a half-hour of encyclopedia browsing.
"I was forced into taking a semester of DNY as a freshman at St. John's, and all I learned about was the Brooklyn Bridge."

"I can't believe that DNY carries as much weight as a Philosophy or Calculus course."

"Discover New York is a scam."

"My dog shits DNY."

"At least it brought up my GPA."

"As useful as dividing by 1."

"I feel bad for the professors at this university who are so degraded as to be designated instructors of DNY."
by DietSodaThirst May 08, 2008
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