A person who is attracted to every new hot person they meet but is a total mess about it, whether it's by coming on way too strong or by being unbearably awkward. Either way the result is pure chaos
Dean Winchester? Didn't he use the "last night on Earth" pick-up line on Castiel AND Castiel's sister? Absolute disaster bisexual smh.
by PustCrunk March 23, 2021
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A person whose pure chaos has led you to the correct conclusion that they are bisexual.
by The AC is too loud July 22, 2020
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A bisexual who may often find themselves in the friendzone. Alternatively it may be any hot mess of a person who tangentially also happens to be bisexual.
I might be in love with my work-wife but I'm not sure if it's just friendship or not and I'm afraid to even ask what her orientation is. She asked me what mine is and I told her 'disaster bisexual.'
by snager August 10, 2018
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A sub-type of Disaster Bisexual. A being of pure chaos. Has a propensity to collect things like dice. Ofttimes in emulation of cottage-core, obsesses over frogs, mushrooms, and other aesthetic facets.
"There isn't a bigger Bisexual Disaster Goblin than Stepf. She loves her clicky-klacky dice"
by Crechum September 7, 2021
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