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Dis Jakey: Bass music DJs from southend on sea, UK

Dis Jakey is the bassy birth-child concieved by Gabriel de Souza And JOhn The Baptist.

Dis Jakey started after the two performed a Back to Back set at the sunrooms (southend) for a friends alternative night. When they realised that nobody was really feeling the indie/rock music before them, they mixed things up a bit by dropping a 2 hour bass heavy house and dubstep set. The reaction from the crowd instantly gave them the idea to start up a live project, thus, 'Dis Jakey' was born.

Dis Jakey combine the use of visual lighting with music to create an amazing live show, the use of midi contollers can allow live remixing and sampling.
aww man, was gurning off my tits last night when 'Dis Jakey' were playing!

heard that mash-up by 'Dis Jakey'?
by JOhn The Baptist UK July 06, 2009
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