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When a woman lures you in with her amazing beauty, only to be drugged in your own home and wake up with an open bottle of lube in your ass, house robbed, and a shit in the kitchen sink.
Derek: {visually angry with tears in his eyes}
Jason: What happened to you last night??
Derek: I'm not sure, I took this gorgeous babe home and she pulled a Dirty Trinity on me
Jason: oh my! She shit in your sink too?? What'd she take??
Derek: yep, the footprints are still on the counter and she took everything!!! Plus, my ass still hurts!!!
by PervHirt August 29, 2019
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A breathtaking sadistic bitch That lures men and women with her fat ass and then keeps them on leashes to fulfill her sexual And materialistic desires only to rip their hearts and wear it like jewelry .
She is beautiful but she might pull a dirty trinity .
by Bossasssbitchhhh April 16, 2020
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