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An Irish version of the Dirty Sanchez where after doing a chick on the rag, you wipe your member over her upper lip giving her a red mustache. Somewhat ironic considering that sex during menstruation makes pregnancy highly unlikely and the Irish are notorious for their high fecundity.
Paddy: I got me hole last noight.

Connor: Who wit?

Paddy: Dat loosebit Shandie O’Flaherty. An’ wile she was bleedin’ out her feckin’ gee!

Connor: Jaysus Chroist!

Paddy: An’ efterwards, I woiped me langer ‘cross her face an’ gave’er the ol’ Dirty Seanchez!

Connor: Erin go bragh! Let’s get a pint ‘o piss to celebrate!
by Luck O'Oirish October 29, 2008
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