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When you go to the east end of Toronto, Canada for "A Taste Of The Danforth" and pick up a greek girl named Raphaella who turns out to have a monster penis and total disregard for your anus. When encountering the "Dirty Raph" one must be careful not to be fooled by her tranny charm, or else you will awake with her home made souvlaki pouring out of your anus with rectal stitching required.
Greg - "I went to that greek festival last summer and I was duped by a greek tranny dressed as a ninja turtle! It savagely tore apart my anus and I required councelling for 6 months..."

Max - "Sounds like a "Dirty Raph", can I kill you?"

Gavin - "You certainly may not!! But I'd loved a "Dirty Neil" Heyooooooooo!!"
by Mr. PissOnIt February 05, 2009
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