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(Warning: Attempt at your own risk) When you eat nothing but 6 month expired food for 3 weeks straight, then after the three weeks you eat a box of prescription strength laxatives. While waiting for the laxatives to take effect you tie up the recipient of the DNRT to a chair with their mouth forced open. When the laxatives begin to work position your chocolate starfish directly over their face and then spray as hard as humanly possible.
Chris: You look horrible, what happened?
Nick: I've eaten nothing but expired food for the last three weeks and last night I DNRT'd Vikki.
Chris: Oh my God, is she still alive?
Nick: I don't know, after I finished I ran out of their and forgot to untie her.
Chris: I'm never going to Dirty Nasty Rancid Typhoon anyone, that's disgusting...
by Chocolatenix May 29, 2011
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