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The act of woman giving a man a proper rim job ("eating out" the anal cavity), then choosing to clean the shit out of her teeth by flossing with his pubic hair.
"After my girlfriend gave me a rim job, she asked for a piece of gum. I told her i didn't have any gum, but if she she really needed to, she could give me the dirty dentist."
by phantompooper March 11, 2008
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When the man uses a crowbar to yank out the female's teeth before shoving the bloody teeth inside her anus. He then proceeds to ejaculate into her anus so that the teeth are sufficiently coated in feces, semen and blood. The male then uses his mouth to pick them out and drop them into the womans vagina. He then smashes the woman in the back with the crowbar, breaking her spine and making her able to use her mouth to pick the teeth out of her vagina and back into their place.
Person 1) Greg tried to dirty dentist jane so she slapped him
Person 2)God, the dirty bastard!
by LewisRoss February 16, 2014
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V. The act of giving oral then flosing your teeth with the receiving person's pubes while they piss in your mouth
Dude she gave me a Dirty Dentist
by sirhc978 March 30, 2007
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