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Dirty Cows can be found at Keg Parties where they are highly intoxicated and not at all attractive. These beasts of the Earth are masters at boozing and once intoxicated are looking to get some cock or talk some shit to the nearest pretty girl. They enjoy being told they are fat when you are waxing there fat asses so don't be afraid to do it. Warning: Only approach after you have consumed 25 beers and all other options have failed, including the retarded girl with no legs named Bobby No legs.
"Dude, why is that dirty cow at this party?"

"Dude, I've had 30 beers, and this dirty cow is the only girl here, and i still dont think i can force myself to fuck her"
by The Real Life Pretty Girl March 20, 2005
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while giving anal to a female you pull out your penis and there should be shit on it. you take off a piece of shit then continue giving anal. then you put the piece of shit into her mouth which will most probably cause her to make funny cow like noises.
dude i just gave that chick a dirty cow
by youngmc123 November 12, 2010
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