Dirty South, 3rd Coast: Anywhere in the Gulf Coast area. Houston especially.
They can have the Atlantic and the Pacific. In the Dirty South we have the 3rd Coast. We GMFB in the Dirty 3rd.

Houston Dirty South Third Coast Pasadena, TX Gulf Coast Houston, TX
by ILV July 15, 2010
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Slang for Houston, TX. The Dirty 3rd coast.
Im reppin that dirty 3rd cuz. hol up, po some drank up!
If you aint it heard, its that dirty 3rd, where tha G'z sip syrup!! Thas them Optimo soldiers out that dirty 3rd!
by Big Ram August 21, 2006
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The dirty 3rd is the coast near the houston area.
I was born and raised in the dirty 3rd you dont know about the hoes down thur
by big nig raider September 6, 2005
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