When a guy blows a huge load on your chest
How to know if you have been the receiver of a "Dirty Tim" ...after intercourse or oral sex a man will release an unusually large amount of his semen onto your chest
by Timmy Passion November 16, 2011
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When having a threesome, the man pulls out of one woman's ass and goes directly in the mouth of the other woman.
My sister and I were having a threesome with this guy last night and he pulled a Dirty Tim on us. I thought I'd never get the taste out of my mouth.
by Chivas656 May 27, 2023
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When people fuck you over so you kidnap there children and change all there names to Tim. Even the girls. There all Tim's.
The cunt owed me $100 so I took his kids and put em on the Dirty Tim!
by Skvmfvkk July 15, 2019
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When someone named Tim eats the ass of an old homeless women and pukes up on her chest then eats it.
Oh you've done a dirty tim , thats how you got aids
by Dirty timmytoo August 9, 2021
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