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The act of expelling a gaseous discharge from your sphincter muscle faster than the speed of sound, which is then succeeded by an ominous rumble and a very pungent odor.
1. Although I suspected it was her, for many years I could never pin the fart to that bitch Tracy. Until the day I learned that she had mastered the execution of the dreaded Dirty Thunder technique. Her secret method was to pass the gas faster than the speed of sound which would cause the odor to delay long enough for her to make a clean getaway. Thus, wreaking havoc on all innocent bystanders blessed with the misfortune of being caught in the wake of her perfect storm.

2. The Mormon church teaches that their god Elohim was born amidst a dirty thunder residue that was left hanging around the atmosphere after a mysterious celestial being decided to play a trick on his enemy. It is now illegal in the state of Utah, or any other place where large groups of Mormons congregate, to leave a Dirty Thunder unattended to. This means that the poor sap unfortunate enough to be left standing in the midst of a Dirty Thunder must use his nasal passage to alleviate the atmosphere of all the leftover event. If one is found not abiding by this law in the state of Utah, they could face felony punishment of up to $50,000 in fines and or up to 3 months imprisonment.
by C.B. Radio August 16, 2010
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