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The dirty QWERTY is when you crap on someone's keyboard.

It could also be just like a stink palm where you stick your hand in between your ass cheeks and then use someone's keyboard.

Or it could be actually taking a dump on someone's keyboard. Either way.

Poop + Keyboard = Funny
Donald was toally annoying at work today. After he left I went over to his desk and gave him a dirty QWERTY. Hope he likes that tomorrow morning.
by bigfletchdog November 21, 2007
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This is when you have cyber sex with someone over the internet
E.G. Dave: suck my balls bitch
Tiffany: yea ill do more than that
Dave just sent Tiffany a nudge ...
... And again ...
... And again
Tiffany: Oh Dave!!!
This is called a Dirty Qwerty because of the first 6 letters of the keyboard.
Dave gave Tiffany a Dirty Qwerty. Oh yes he did.
by PrezMeister March 06, 2007
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A guy who only has a fantasy sex life sitting around pulling meat looking at porn on the computer. The result of so much online porn and masturbation is jiz covered keys, hence the term Dirty QWERTY.
He talks a big game, but he doesn't get any pussy. He's just a dirty QWERTY.
by nick mach September 15, 2011
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