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The Dirty Lamb Chop is when someone draws a puppet on their hand before masturbating so it is more like a lonely mans blow job instead. The term is coined from the sock puppet sheep Lamb Chop. If preferred this can be performed with the puppet being drawn on a sock with a hole in it. The sock version is the preferred version of Canadians, Eskimos, and Santas Elves. For those that prefer anal this can be performed with a handful of crunchy peanut butter and should be referred to as the Grandpa Mudcat named after a different puppet show, the Muppets.
Man I would really like to get a blow job tonight but it looks like i'll have to settle for a Dirty Lamb Chop.

Get rid of your stiffy, buy some Jiffy and have yourself a Grandpa Mudcat.
by Blueshirtmafia-C&C December 02, 2009
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