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A person who supports Glasgow Rangers and lives elsewhere in the world but can also be used to describe a normal Weegie Rangers fan as they rarely wash.
A person with a low I.Q as they follow follow Rangers but never go to games but like to glory hunt.
Dave you dirty hun how's the league campaign going.
Has anyone seen that dirty hun as the toilets need unblocking.
by The Scotsman September 28, 2005
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An American rap artist from Charleston,WV who released a mixtape hosted by Bad Boy's E.Ness. Also has a mixtape hosted by Maino.
Dirty Hun is 1/2 of the C-Team.
Dirty Hun is short for Dirty Hundred Dolla Bill which releases mixtapes gaining regional exposure.
by choobawka November 24, 2008
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A term for mentally retarded people with deformed arms whose brain has a delayed reaction communicating to the rest of their body. They can't really play games. Like if an enemy is approaching him in Mario and he's meant to jump on its head well he can't really...because by the time his brains communicated that to his hands the duck has already hit him and killed him or whatever.
You say "faggot" a lot? You're such a dirty hun.
by TopTenGirl June 18, 2011
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