A Dirty Bunny is when you have a good girl that’s never been fucked well before. She has no idea that she would ever beg to orgasm. So you fuck her doggy style & insert one well-lubed index finger in her ass. (Don’t try this unless you trim your nails) SLOWLY work it in, a little bit at a time until the anal sphincter relaxes. Once past the first knuckle, leave it in, moving it slowly side to side, but not deeper, then drip some more lube down your finger. Slowly work it in further, past the second knuckle. Remember, still slowly stroking in and out of her pretty little vagina Now you’re two knuckles deep, you slowly begin stroking your finger in her ass. (If you’re paying attention, you can feel your cock from the inside) She won’t know what to make of this. It’s overwhelming. After she orgasms the first time, bring her to the edge
Now pull your cock out, go around her left side, keeping your finger deep in that ass, and grab her chin with your left hand, lift it up, & shove your cock deep into her mouth, throat-fucking her until she gags or swallows your beautiful cum. Then, leave your finger in til she’s ready to have you take it out. Then, slowly! ease it back out. That’s one Dirty little Bunny.
*Disclaimer: Do not attempt without negotiating it with your partner. Negotiate a safeword. Pick a safe signal to use during the throatfucking. Tapping on an arm or leg works. Silence is Not compliance and Consent is Sexy.
Thank you and stay safe out there.
That girl has been eye fuckin me all night. If she’s not careful, I’ll introduce her to the Dirty Bunny.
by Bedtime_stories May 22, 2019
A load of semen busted into a bellybutton
“Yo mad wyd tonight”
“I’m finna drop a dirty dust bunny on my girl”
by JayMommy6 October 26, 2022