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A dirty-ass California based hippie that sells heroin and crack to custies on Phish lot. Known to drag hungry puppies through crowds while trying to sell their shit. Often missing as many teeth as brain cells. Love to say the words "heady", "shwill" and "braaah".
"I just saw a dirt surfer selling Family Fluff to a bunch of High School girls in DMB shirts"

"Dirt Surfers, Wooks and Custies ruined Phish Tour"

"The dirtiest dirt surfers now spread Hepatitis A on String Cheese" Tour"
by Dean Simmons October 28, 2004
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A dirty, often dredlocked person, who resembles a hippie, skater punk or homeless youth by his or her unkept appearance and tattered, dirty clothes. Usually found in urban environments asking for change or milling about for no apparent purpose. Often speaks in a derivative of California "surfer" lingo. May be a trustafarian. Similar to a gutter punk but inclusive of trustafarian.
Dude, look at that dirt surfer walking down Division Street. The guy with the dreds, torn BDU bottoms, and no shirt.
by cranialsodomy September 06, 2010
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Cyberjunkies who particulerly like porn web sites.
Lovers of pornography (and who doesn't) on the web.
Everybody who spend enough time websurfing will become a dirtsurfer, some more than others.
"I was bored and horny so I did some dirtsurfing and had a good wank." A hard core dirtsurfer will spend an average of

2 hours a day at this activity.
by professorperverto January 01, 2012
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