Ironically enough, dirt sandwich can mean just about any positive word you can think of. Some synonyms would include awesome, cool, amazing, legit, bodacious, etc. Also, if you're in a rush and want to define something as any of these words, "dirt" is an appropriate abbreviation to dirt sandwich. This word is best used in a louder than normal voice, and when typing it is most appropriate to type it in all CAPS.
I could a 100 on my last Biochemistry test...DIRT SANDWICH.

That mega fine honey over there is pretty dirt.

Guess what my mom packed in my lunch today? A dirt sandwich (this could mean any number of items...such as Gushers, Fruit Roll-Ups, a Snack Pack, or candy)
by Captain Dirt September 23, 2009
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A sandwich that consists of a baked potatoe and a chicken breast. Yup, that's it, a dry ass potatoe and chicken sandwich that tastes like dirt.
You see Dusty over there ? He's eating a dirt sandwich, what a homo!
by Dick Lesomo January 29, 2020
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Made popular by Dean Blundell on The Dean Blundell Show

on 102.1 the Edge, in Toronto.

"It's when you get high with your girl, and your in a park somewhere doin' it, and there's dirt on the ground, and your down there, doin' (pussy licking noises) the thing, and you get a little dirt in there, IT'S THE JAMAICAN DIRT SANDWICH"

"Nah, the Jamaican Dirt Sandwich is bad because the grounds dirty right? And once you get a little dirt, it's not good."
"If I'm ever eating the Jamaican Dirt Sandwich in front of you, guaranteed one thing is for sure: We will both be VERY VERY DRUNK, and I wouldn't remember it"
by Scotty900 August 5, 2009
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