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When a man has his partner hold kool aid in their mouth while the man squats over their face and dip their testicles into the mouth in a tea-bagging motion ultimately dying his nuts his chosen shade of kool aid. For a little extra kink, the man faces his partners feet while dipping and gets a little tickle on his black eyed susan with his partners nose. (A little KY on the tip of the nose and you'll have a smoother landing). This can be made more festive with any holiday season with a little creative thought. For example, green for St. Patty's Day. Enjoy!
Do to an ill timed cough, Alice had trouble explaining to her mother why she was stained red on her face and most of her chest. She was well warned thought Eric as he showed of his brightly colored nuts to his impressed friends being the first to be "Dipping Easter Eggs".
by bananas republic April 09, 2010
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