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The act of recording yourself on video packing a huge lip or using a smokeless tobacco product while discussing things that nobody cares about. A good way to make yourself look like a moron except Outlaw Dipper and Copensomegrizzly , they actually make funny videos worth watching. If you make dip videos , its a good chance that you are either broke, a little kid, living off your mom, or just otherwise have a pointless unfulfilling life .
John-I was watching this dip video the other day

Sandy- What? You mean where those fat redneck guys dip snuff and talk about shit nobody cares about, like their sweet tea they just picked up at the gas station or the way they actually talked to a girl once?

John- Yeah , the guy was reviewing Grizzly Longcut Wintergreen and yelling at his mom while talking about taking his sister outside of the trailer and bending her over.

Sandy- Wow , what a loser.
by Big Lipper 420 November 02, 2011
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a video where rednecks post videos on youtube of them dipping and chewing tobacco and talk about random shit. They use things like Skoal or Levi Garrett and cant get enough of it. They talk about their day and how much it cost. They love dipping and they try to encourage others to keep dipping whether or not it gives you cancer. These people know everything about dipping and chewing tobacco and know all the brands. They are usually obsessed with it. They give tips on dipping and try to teach you everything about about it.
I watch Cajuntiger pack his lips like an idiot with his dip video
by tatomuck1 January 21, 2009
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