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Dino Crisis, originally trying to capitalise on the success of the Survival Horror genre, failed.

You are Regina (no last name given). You work for a government agency (no name given) who has sent you to infiltrate Ibis Island (whose name was only told in the ending, as far as I can recall). Gail and Rick (no last names that I heard) are your teammates on the mission, which is to infiltrate the island, find Dr. Kirk (a scientist who was presumably dead but has supposedly resurfaced on the island), and get him back to your home country (again, no name given).

A lot of people use Dino Crisis to mock-threaten people on some gaming-oriented IRC servers because of it's horrid reputation.
A: "I'm gonna go Dino Crisis on your ass."
B: "So you're gonna put me to sleep?"

A: "Don't make me go Dino Crisis on you!"
B: "Yeah, there's not enough drugs in the world to make you funny after that."
by NewGotham January 21, 2006
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