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Being unaware of tornadoes.
Dude, there is a tornado outside your house. What tornado? I was gaming. You Dingledwarf.
by TheTreeBranch April 27, 2011
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someone who makes foolish mistakes, similar to that of a long lasting blonde moment. By making stupid errors and easily aviodable mistakes you can be called a dingle dwarf, (ex 1)

In addition, when someone says something implying one thing, and you interpret it in an entirely different mannor, you can be called a dingle dwarf, (ex 2)

A third and final way of acting like a dingle dwarf is by doing something that to the general population seems ridiculous and just plain dumb, (ex 3)
(ex 1)
boy - you have too much time on your hands
girl - (looks down at her hands) ... there is nothing on my hands
boy - you're such a dingle dwarf

(ex 2)
little lex - where do you want to go for lunch?
mitchy boy - uhm, does not matter to me, im easy.
little lex - oh i know that! you proved your easy to me last night baby *winks*
mitchy boy - *rolls eyes* oh my god, you're such a dingle dwarf.

(ex 3)
mr. four - hey babygirl, do you know what time it is?
miss. 19 - oh sorry, my watch is dead.
mr. four - ah, i see your battery just died!
miss. 19 - actually mr. four, it died 6 months ago!
mr. four - and why praytell do you still wear your useless watch?
miss. 19 - i like it!
mr. four - ...but it DOESNT EVEN TELL TIME?!!... you're a dingle dwarf!
by alexzandra September 08, 2007
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