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Quaint dormitary town near Cardiff in South Glamorgan consisting of the Village with a selection of excellent pubs, village shops and post office. It has spread to the Murch and is spreading towards Sully and Penarth.
Welsh meaning - City of Powis (after an iron age hill fort given by an ancient chief to his daughter as a wedding present). The castle ruins are still to be found in the Twyncyn woods. Dinas Powys was a Cantref - Head town of a hundred towns.

Dinas Powys is full of former, upwardly mobile Grangetown residents. Once you made a bit of money living in Grangetown you were upgraded to live in Dinas Powys.
Even now you see women who look the part, as if they belong to well heeled rural society, but then they open their mouths and out comes - Pure Grangetown.

New Years Eve is spent up the Village on the square where the locals get drunk, get off with each other and then throw glasses and all kinds of items of clothing and objects at the War Memorial.
Dinas Powys girl/boy: someone who has been born/bred in Dinas Powys, normally indicates a certain level of inbreeding.
by sevanes December 31, 2012
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