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A great place to live if you want to isolate yourself from civilized society. with a population well under a population above theirs Dimboola accommodates for all of those who frequently come in and out of phych wards.

Dimboola is famous for it's train 'play ground' where often 'train' noises are heard from its engine room. Although sometimes those who were making the train noises don't clean up after themselves so a notice was put up asking all of those 'honking' the train horn to clean up after themselves.

Dimboola has a pool but no one uses it for swimming since one of it's locals decided urinating in it would be of much more beneficence.

Person one "Someone using the train?"

Person two "Yeah, can't you hear them honking?"

Person one "Of course, hopefully they don't decide to go to the pool to clean off as I saw some old guy urinating in it earlier today"

Person two "Yeah that was me"
by Fred Po June 28, 2008
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