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The diltron is a sex toy for Internet interaction with sex partners. The diltron plugs into a USB port and instals automatically. The diltron toy has a natural feel dildo that thrusts back and forth based on signals received from the Internet. The sex partner on the other side of an Internet connection has a counterpart toy like, for example,the Interactive Fleshlight. When the sex partner penetrates his toy, the diltron moves in concert. During this process the sex partners can see each other on webcam. The combined visual and tactical feedbacks quickly give both partners the illusion of real sex.
Fleshlight is a registered trademark of Interactive Life Forms. The Fleshlight is made interactive by Citouch with a USB adapter.
The camgirl had a diltron so we had toy-sex over the Internet.
by citouch April 26, 2009
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a transformer car that is a transformer but is so stupid and ugly that u would call it a dilly
when ur sitting across the road from a car lot, with ur best m8 Tobin and the main word u used at the tym was dilly " hey Royle u dilly"
and wonder if any cars are transformers
u shout out hay any "diltrons" over there
by royle3 March 01, 2008
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