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An area of western North Carolina that is to small to even be called a town. The correct term is "tourist trap". At one point, there was a sucky tourist-attraction railroad there, but now even thats gone. So all that remains in Dillsboro is two streets of gift shops that sell t-shirts with pictures of trains on them, despite the obvious lack of trains in the area. The only people who typically visit Dillsboro are tourists from Florida (Floridians, if you're being nice. Floridiots, if you're not). If you visit this town, you may very well lose your soul.
Floridiot Man: Honey, where should we go for our vacation?
Floridiot Woman: Ooh, I heard about a small town called Dillsboro where nobody minds our awful driving!
FM: Is there anything to do there?
FW: Oh, yes, we can buy tack t-shirts and knick-knacks!
FM: Hellz yeah!!! We have to go there!!!
by Georgina Googleflompel December 26, 2008
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