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A person male who is fucking a girl and gets a call from another girl he fucks regularly because she needs a ride home from jail or she will get booked in. He proceeds to tell her he's just finishing his orgasm and he will be there. When they arrived at her home after being picked up from the jail he proceeded to try to fuck her when it is obvious that he has not showered because he smells like her. She allows him to fuck her because she feels obligated. Because he saved her; but she does not enjoy it at all and is left feeling disrespected, degraded, and cheap
Jinn: OMG! I cannot fucking believe you tried to have sex with me right after you fucked another girl !! Youvdidn't even take a shower !!! You smelled just like her!!!

Viktor: well dang I didn't have time I had to come get you so quickly or you would have been booked in.

Jinn: well then you should have fucking waited till the next time we saw each other or shower.. you just don't know how fucking disrespectful that was!! Such a Diktor!
by BuckLey Woodcock May 30, 2018
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