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a name for someone who grows up a follower, never knowing who they really are. they just want to be like everyone else. there is usually one person that they particularly are attracted to the idea of being like them. they may or may not actually believe that they are that person. in some cases they can develop a strong sexual attraction for the person they admire. they will go to great lengths to mimic the person they admire such as dressing like them, stealing their clothes, stealing from them, getting a girlfriend when the other person has one. they will attach themselves to one or more places that their crush hangs out and will not leave these places under any circumstances. other symptoms of this disorder are homosexual fantasies, homosexual tendencies, dressing in camouflage, not bathing or doing laundry, and crack smoking.
Mike is really starting to be a Dike Flamer these days. everytime i see him he's at the same place wearing camo and acting like he wants to be like Jam.
by amandasman December 08, 2009
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