The word "Diii" can be used for almost anything, just like the word damn. Like instead of using a word damn you can just use "Diii". The word "Diii" is like a replacement word or phrase. You can pretty much replace any word with the word "Diii".

The word "Diii" is a word that is used a lot down south.
Example 1. " hey JT did you know that, your cousin is coming into town"

JT " Diii but i don't like him he's annoying"

Example 2. "Dude!! a spider just landed on you".

"Diii bro i don't like spiders".

Example 2. Diii I think that girl i met last night likes me.

Example 3. Diii that girl in that red sun dress has a fat ass.

Example 4. Diii i just spilled Hennessy on my new robin jeans .

Example 5. Diii bro i just smoked like five blunts.
by Laketravzix March 27, 2019
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Acronym: Stands for; Dunk It In Yea

Dropping any information into a presentation, or otherwise just taking care of business.
KJ is that the heatmap done? then DIIY?
by KJ - JS April 27, 2011
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Someone who believes academics is more important than athletics on a college campus.
The small school was run by DIII Idealists so they would never win a national championship.

National Powerhouses make millions in revenue from sports, while the DIII Idealist schools are happy just getting good grades.
by MattyFran September 01, 2011
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