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1) In binary, the number 2 would be classed as digitalnonsense.

2) Digitalnonsense is the crap you tell people online via chatrooms, blogs, My Space etc, that spawns various characters of your personality that you want people to see. These personalities will all have some small grain of the person writing them, but will almost always be lies.

Sexy_69 from Texas will NOT be the buxom stunner you think she is, but will be a "lifer" in some Redneck run prison that has internet access.

Porsche_88 will NOT be a playboy millionaire that drives a Porsche and is looking to whisk you away to some sunny island. If he was...why would he waste his time online in a sodding chat room?!

And as for 12_inch_dong....well, prepared to be disappointed as you find out its a sexual frustrated IT assistant with no interpersonal skills so stalks females in chatrooms and web meeting sites. He is the one that always has to cancel a meeting with you due to some international business trip..yeah right...

3) A prophet with an opinion.
Blog entry "yesterday"

Hi, well yesterday was amazing. Not only did I go to the Pussy Cat Dolls concert but I went back to their hotel and butt-fucked them all night long. The next morning I walked home and saw a unicorn in the woods...


12_inch_dong: Hey, wussup?
Sexy_69: Hey there BIG boy. You wanna party?
12_inch_dong: Hell yeah. So, just how sexy are you, babe?
Sexy_69: Well, to be honest, I'm in jail for killing my parents and am awaiting the death penalty and have to endure being bummed every other day by the other inmates. Its not that sexy. you have a 12 inch dong?
12_inch_dong: Uhm, no. I look at a lot of online porn though...

The above are prime examples of digitalnonsense. You can be whoever you wanna be online....just remember that.
by Digitalnonsense November 19, 2006
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