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A "digital expert" that works for an advertising agency. Usually has a title like Digital Producer, Digital Manager, Social Media Manager or Digital Strategy Advisor.

Their job usually involves spending all their time looking for "cool shit" on the internet and charging you large amounts of money to show you a bunch of Youtube clips or provide a report that advises you to set up a Facebook account for your company.
Joe: Wow that Digital Douchebag down at the agency sent me a link to this awesome video! Did you know that China will soon become the number one English speaking country in the world?

Qamar: O shit. Fatboy Slim. Awesome!

Joe: Awesome!

Qamar: Awesome!
by Ilav GΓ€eseks April 28, 2011
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A digital douchebag is the ultimate techno geek whose entire life is pretty much centered around all things digital and wireless.
You may be a digital douchebag if you:

1. Wear your Bluetooth headset to bed.

2. Walk around in public places incessantly yapping on your Bluetooth in such a way that anyone within a half-mile can hear your conversation.

3. Check your e-mail 100 times or more per day.

4. Cannot engage in a conversation with anyone without talking about the latest internet/wireless technology, etc.

5. Are over 30, live in your parents' basement, and spend almost every waking hour online.

6. Are a hopeless textaholic

7. Go to Aruba for vacation and spend most of your time on your laptop.

8. Text your wife, while cleaning out your garage, to find out what's for lunch.

The above are just a few examples of this affliction; there are many others.
by whimzzical July 16, 2010
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