dig·it·al beg·gar dij-i-tl beg-er

Function: noun
1. a person who asks for free stuff, swag and even meals on the internet, usually over public social media sites like Twitter or Facebook. Usually shameless and feels he/she has a right to ask
2. a blogger/twitter-er who demands to get invites to all the events organized around his/her area - regardless of whether he/she can make it or not

combination of two words :
i) Digital - available in electronic form
ii) Beggar - a person who begs alms or lives by begging

- Freeloader
Some sentences a Digital Beggars will use

If he/she's a blogger : "any discount for bloggers?"

If any companies are having competitions/giveaway/contests : "i want the free <insert item name here>. "

Whenever anyone mentions food or having meals : "Belanja me?" (this is repeated many times, to many different people)
by Anti Digital Beggars February 11, 2010
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