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The proof that someone has scribbled numbers and symbols on a piece of paper, or written them on an electronic device.
At first sight, it may look like numerical gibberish to mathophobic folks, but on closer look, one cannot deny that Peter’s digit-al footprint hints that he’s a gifted symbol-minded person.
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by MathPlus123 October 28, 2018
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How big of an impact a person is on the Internet.

Obsessed by individuals who are desperate for attention.
Size can be seen by googling the person's name.
I need to twitter every other second!

Quit getting off from your digital footprint!
by McLovinit November 05, 2009
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What is à Digital Footprint?
À digital footprint is just as the name says, your mark that you leave on the internet. Your footprint. It’s à trail of data that can not be removed and will always somehow be traced in the future. Nothing is truly deleted.
Person; Hello, I'm applying for a job as a teacher.
Person hiring: I'm sorry but we saw the video of you punching a colleague from your last job.
Person: I should have never posted that. My Digital Footprint Always Follows.
by Rawr and Stuff9 May 05, 2018
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