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The bestest name in the universe, pronounced like light and ending with am you can never beat this name.

Although always gets mixed up with dightman, deighton, dighton and dightan it is one of the most nuisance names in which needs to be constantly spelt over and over and yet people still manage to mis-spell it.
Phone conversation:

person 1: how is your surname spelt?

person 2: delta, india, golf, hotel, tango, alpha, mic.

person 1: d-i-g-h-t-a-n?

person 2: no M for mic, or mother?

person 1: M?

person 2: yes!

person 1: are you sure?

person 2: well Dightam is MY surname, i think i should know!!!
by the prophet of name dightam December 02, 2009
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