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When the glamourous lifestyle you aspire to includes donuts, sugary drinks, and large portions, you are bound to develop "diet-inspired diabetes"

This is different from "diet controlled diabetes" (as this type suggests you make at least a feeble effort to control your diet.)

Diet-inspired diabetics are drawn to each other and often need to pool their resources in later life to pay for wheelchair ramps and prosthetic limbs.

One such club is known as the DOLAAT's ("Dying One Limb At A Time"). Such a popular club that there are chapters of DOLAATs in every nursing home across North America.
Man, those folks are in rough shape but they look so happy eating all those treats. I'm inspired to get diet-inspired diabetes too so I can join the DOLAAT club. I can't wait to wear a too-tight white T-shirt and have wheelchair races with them!
by Mandi Harmony September 09, 2016
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