A Uruguayan soccer player that played for Manchester United, for a few years he didn't do to well there,made some clumsy misses,a few goals but nothing to impress anyone.But in the season 2004-2005 playing for Villareal from Spain he was European golden boot along with Henry(Arsenal) with 25 goals,and pichichi of Spain leading with most goal.Then in the season 2005-2006 he was semi-finalist in the Champions league.Villareal loosing against Arsenal at a narrow score line of 1-0 after both games.
guy 1: you kicked some ass on the pitch today,keep up the good work!

guy 2: yeah, next year hopefully I'll be like Diego Forlan.

guy 1: you'll never be like Forlan, he's too good!!
by scaminator December 17, 2006
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an extremely strong alcoholic drink. 8 shots of vodka (ulster shots, 35ml) thrown in a pint glass with some ice and topped up with blue wkd. derived from the special k and named after former european golden boot winner and manchester united legend diego forlan
whys dave lying face down on the floor?

cos he's just had a diego forlan and 2 special ks the mad bastard
by dangerous dave (unofficial) January 18, 2007
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