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Didid is a word used for many reasons or just for the hell of saying it. It means so much and has lots of power and can for example be used as a greeting, a word of disbelief, to yell a warning, or to just act sweet. In short definition, Didid means anything you want it to mean. It was origianlly created in the 3rd age of men and has been carried on into the 4th age as well. In the 3rd age the grass was green and the sky was blue and dragons and other creatures such as The Troll roamed the land. However these creatures were not unopposed as a large band of warriors would fight them off. They used the term didid very often and were protective of it. When the 4th age arrived the group was spread out to different lands and still sat amongst the campfire occasionally to hang out. The creatures of old were gone but not forgotten. Thus ends the history of Didid.
Alain and George walk towards each other, "Didid" says Alain.

The group sat on the swings and The Troll approached, "Get off the swings", it uttered in soft trollish langague. "DIDID" was the word uttered by the group as they scattered across the plains to a new grazing spot.
by CrazyHighlander November 28, 2005
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