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The word 'didcott' is the name given to the small round circle rejects made by hole punchers (hole punchers being the stationery items used to make holes in paper to allow their insersion into lever arch files).

it is beleived that the term has been derived from the english town of Didcot, and its relative proximity to Eaton Public School. Didcot Station (first opened on 12 June 1844) was the preferred lauching point for elicit Etonian outings to London; the activity was referred to 'doing a Didcot' By association, the rail ticket punch reject tags became know as 'Didcots'. Dicots were therefore known to be caused by a hole in a ticket, or a gap in a school dorm room. From this, the term has been used to also mean paper rejects from hole punches.

The additional 't' was added to indicate the term being a derivation from the original word- however this is a bone of contention for many, who prefer to use the same spelling for both. I have chosen the more popular spelling to explain.
β€˜in a fit of exasperated annoyance the holepuncher was launched across the office leaving a trail of didcotts in its wake’
by Michael_pattinson June 11, 2008
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