when you insult someone and they say, "What did you just say??" it is the best response...ever
alyssa: you fat ho!
triece: what did you just say?
alyssa: did i stutter??
by Angelacia June 1, 2007
When you tell someone something in a perfectly clear voice and they don't understand it or hear it correctly. Or they may say, "what did you say?"

Your response is, "did I stutter?!" And say it in a sharp tone...
Jenn: I think you smell like a wet fart.

John: What did you say?

Jenn: Did I stutter?!
by Sidez July 11, 2008
What one says when someone doesn’t listen to you or seemingly doesn’t understand what you are saying despite you being clear.
Did I Stutter?!:
Michael: An urban, yeah, Stanley? You wanna help us out with that?… Stanley, earth to Stanley…
Stanley: Not me.
Michael: Yes you. Come on, Stanley, put your little game down and join the group.
Stanley: No.
Michael: Stanley, we’re havin a little…
Stanley: Leave me alone, dammit.
Michael: We’re havin a little brainstorm session…
by MrScotty September 6, 2022