a light-hearted insult; like "dick", but made diminutive and therefore less harsh through a nonsense suffix; needs not refer to a person who is an asshole or a prick and is thus not as specific as "dick".

The imagery involved is that of a six-pack, only with penises instead of long-neck beers.
"Back off, dickpack. I want the last slice of pizza."

"Man, that professor can't teach. What a dickpack."
by j hat May 07, 2006
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Garbage grade weed usually sold by scum bags named Tommy who live in rich people neighborhoods who have a cop as their father. This weed will drive you crazy and is completely overpriced.
Sheldon: Should I cop off tommy after school?
Jerome: Hell nah nigga tommy got that dick pack and his dads an opp.
by urban dickshunhairy March 19, 2018
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