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A small Liberal Arts college in Carlisle Pennsylvania. The majority of students hail from the Northeastern Corridor, though states like California, Illinois and Texas are growing in their presence. Its a fairly prestigous school notable for its world-class study abroad locations, commitment to sustainability as well as a useful education. Dickinsonians are noted for being passionate and engaging in the classroom and very community minded and globally oriented. Dickinson's sometimes called "Drinkinson" due to the perceived high amount of alcohol that is consumed on the campus. Though parties do exist, there are a lot of other social opportunties for students who don't wish to engage the "drinking scene"
Student 1: "What's Dickinson College?"
Student 2: "Don't worry about it, you wouldn't be able to get in anyways."
by Blooge June 15, 2011
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Worst School you can go to. Dickinson Public Safety or DPS is out to get kids . They fuck you over for any little thing they can. RAs suck always catch you for dumb shit like laughing. Food sucks, intramural sports suck, police suck. It is not a fun place to go. Pretty much 4 more years of high school but gayer. Almost everyone there wants to transfer.
oh you go to Dickinson College that sucks, when are you going to transfer?
by 1234thatsallfolks April 18, 2011
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